toddler nation

Toddler Nation

Observations on Parenting in Toddler Nation

Being a mom is…sweaty.

Especially, when you have to carseat buckle then immediately unbuckle two five-point harnessed children because one of said children now has to pee really, really bad even though they just went.

You spend a lot of time leaning down with your bum in the air convincing a 4-year-old future lawyer to see things your way.

#1 question asked by toddlers of all ages in our house: “Why?”

#1 question asked by adults of all ages in our house: “Do you have to go poop?”

Sun Tzu Art of War is oddly applicable.

Boogers abound.

In fact, one day, last week I passed a Kleenex to a kiddo with an insanely big booger. She wiped, passed me the tissue back and there was nothing on it.

I have no idea where that booger went. I’m pretty sure it’s still lurking somewhere in my car, waiting to jump out and attack.

Run amok is not just a passive phrase found in the dictionary. It is an action verb in our house.

All 4 Spiderman puzzles look alike when mixed together by an enterprising 3-year-old.

Kisses to booboos are potent and powerful.

Tiny hands give the best hugs.

Tiny feet give the hardest kicks.

I love that the kids have a desire to pray and talk to God even though they were just introduced 3 weeks ago. Their trust in Him is explicit and unwavering. I want that type of faith.

I love being called Mom.

The word Mom has about a hundred different variations depending on how each child is feeling and the current situation. I’m learning every nuance of my new name. Especially, when it’s said about a hundred times right before bed as they come up with creative, inventive reasons not to go to sleep.

Sean loves being called Dad. His title has been hard won since these sweet babies are not as used to having a dad around.

I could not live in Toddler Nation without my husband. He has a different approach to parenting but I really respect him and his ways. Together both our methods work.

Although, one Saturday he did suggest the kids take their “quiet time” out on the couch instead of in their room and I swear I levitated off the floor and my head spun around as I whisper-argued against it in a bid for the adults to finally get some “quiet time” of our own.

Parenting is a work in progress. I keep thinking we’ve mastered it and then I open my eyes and a new day starts with more challenges, lessons to learn…and boogers…lots of boogers.


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