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For over 13 years, Susie (me) and my husband, Sean, desired to make a family. From Anchorage, Alaska through Missouri to Texas we explored all avenues of having children. Along the way, we experienced the pitfalls and joys of infertility treatments, private and international adoptions. When we settled in Corpus Christi 8 years ago, we decided to adopt through foster care.

We’ve faced struggles over the years as we’ve gone through the foster-to-adopt process but have always kept the desire to make a family. We’ve adopted a mindset of hope going through the process. We’ve had one failed adoption in 2014, took a two-year break to regroup and successfully adopted a sibling group in 2018. You can read our story here.

While the State of Texas officially gave me the trauma training and the hard-earned title of “Mother”, I thrive in my role as an adoptive mom. I also co-currently hold the titles of wife of a Marine, Christian, suicide survivor and cancer fighter-unashamedly, honorably and forever. My goal is to share our story in an effort to encourage you with yours as you work to adopt the same mindset of hope along your journey.

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